Campus Plan

University of Wyoming


Create a long-term campus plan for the University of Wyoming.

Urban Planning
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1 year




Research was conducted on the existing conditions and opportunities by interviewing stakeholders, examination of the campus facilities and sites, the long term goals of the university.  Opportunities were identified based on the goals of the university, as well as key interfaces with adjacent neighborhoods.

Opportunity Sites.
Illustrative Plan.

Catalytic Sites

Lewis Street

Existing Lewis street runs across the campus, but is currently underutilized.  

Phase 1 — Tear down temporary and outdated buildings. Improve streetscape to enhance pedestrian safety and enjoyment, and ensure stormwater drainage.

Phase 2 — Build new academic buildings in vacant or underutilized sites.

(Top) Existing, Phase 1.
(Bottom) Phase 2.
Barracks Ghetto

ExistingThe barracks ghetto was built during the WWII.  They are currently in bad shape, but still serve as student housing.

Phase 1Tear down barracks and replace with academic buildings or dorms.

Phase 2Build new housing or academic buildings on parking lots as needed.

(Top) Existing, Phase 1.
(Bottom) Phase 2.