Hello! I'm Yvonne, a multidisciplinary designer with over 10 years of design experience ranging from product, UX/UI, and urban planning.

My goal is to create positive social and environmental impact through design and innovation.

My diverse background includes working for large tech companies, startups, and non-profits, as well as previously starting my own eco-friendly retail business, the Harbinger Co.

After many years of working, I decided to return to grad school to refresh my creativity and get touch with the latest sciences and technologies. Since graduating, I have taken the opportunity to reset my focus to designing for good, whether it's for the environment, healthcare, or community development.

I engage in two types of design. One approach identifies problems with analytical eye and solves them through design strategy. I practice a rigorous design process that is human-centered, context-sensitive, research-driven, and comprehensive.

The second approach is experimental, delving into imaginative play, material explorations, speculative futures, and hands-on making. This second approach pushes my creativity, technical knowlege, craftsmenship, and innovation.

I studied Innovation Design Engineering, a joint masters at the Royal College of Art and Imperial College London. Previously, I obtained my Master's in Urban Planning from the Havard Graduate School of Design. and MA in Economics from Stanford University, minoring in studio art and Chinese language.  My honors research thesis was on the impact of regional variations of China's One-Child Policy on the sex-ratio at birth.