Enterprise App Store for Employees



Create a tool for HBO staff to easily access apps they need for their daily job functions. Use this project to establish a style guide that can be used across all internal tools.

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  • UX Lead
  • Research
  • Product definition
  • Interaction design
  • Visual design
  • Phasing strategy


2 months


  • HBO Internal Tools Team

Working with a team of engineers as the only designer required design process that was rigourous and systematic, as well as collaborative. Each step of the project was clearly articulated and discussed with the team to ensure the rationale was clear, and the technical constraints considered. The project started with understanding how each team within the Digital Department onboarded their employees, both full time and contract, and their budget for software. The software was also categorized by their characteristics, such as shared license, subscription based, etc.

Product Goals

For New Employees

Create a centralized location for employees to access their required apps.

For Managers

Create an easy process to approve and manage employees’ app requests.

For HBO Digital Department

Increase  productivity and reduce new employee onboarding time.

For Internal Tools Team

Use this opportunity to create a new visual design style guide to be used across all internal tools.

User Flows

A map of user flows was created to give precise direction for each use case. Apps were categorized into five types.


Various layout options were provided in wireframes. The team picked one they liked the most. Wireframes also allowed front-end engineers to plan for the modular UI components library.

Style Guide

Components for this tool were used to implement a styleguide that will be used across all internal tools. Standardization enabled visual consistency amongst internal tools, and efficiency of implementation. The following components borrowed from the upcoming new HBO styleguide for customer facing UI, but modified to clearly indicate interfaces for internal use.