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University of Wyoming Long Range Development Plan
Urban Planning / Design
The long range development plan for the University of Wyoming aims to connect the sprawling campus. While historic campus on the west is well-contained and walkable, the rest of campus is sprawling, lacks identity, and developed in an ad hoc fashion.

The plan aims to provide a blue-print for future development so that the campus will grow to be a cohesive and well-designed environment. It aims to ameliorate pedestrian, bicycle, and transit connections throughout campus, strategize the distribution of academic and open space facilities, create new guidelines and standards for new buildings, expand with infill opportunities, consolidate parking areas, and expand its green research and business facilities. A secondary goal of the plan is to guide the development of the University of Wyoming in Laramie to reach zero carbon emissions by the year 2018. To reach this rigorous goal, the LRPD will address more than sustainable buildings, but a more sustainable lifestyle for all University constituents.

One focus area is the existing barracks area in east campus. These units, which date back to the WWII era, are now physically obsolete and provide an opportunity to redevelop the entire are for new student and/or faculty housing, academic buildings, retail uses, and other mixed-uses to create a walkable neighborhood. The images below existing condition of the area and the potential development in the medium and long run.