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Richmond General Plan - Ferry Terminal Phase 2
Richmond General Plan - Ferry Terminal Phase 1
Richmond General Plan - Ferry Terminal Existing
Richmond General Plan - Hilltop Mall Phase 2
Richmond General Plan - Hilltop Mall Phase 1
Richmond General Plan - Hilltop Mall Existing
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Richmond General Plan Update Focus Sites Urban Design
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The General Plan Update is a long range plan for the City of Richmond, CA. The following images are designs that illustrate some desirable characteristics of two focus areas, the waterfront and Hilltop Mall based on planning analysis of population and economic growth, and community outreach.

The City of Richmond's General Plan designates the Ferry Terminal and Hilltop Mall as 2 focus areas for future redevelopment. It provides a vision for the future of these areas with policies and design guidelines to spearhead development efforts. Based on design standards established in conjunction with City staff and the community, the these images show how a well-designed environment can foster a more vibrant Richmond.


Located in an existing industrial area, the Plan envisions a multi-use waterfront that will provide higher-density urban housing and offices over ground-floor retail, an extension of the Bay Trail, restoration of natural wetlands, as well as water recreation and transit.

Two phases are proposed for the ferry terminal redevelopment area, based on the population growth and the availability of development funds and interests. In the short term, mid-intensity offices and uses are developed to help activate the space and bring users to the area. In Phase 2, if the population rises in Richmond and there is substantial interest from developers and the community, then buildings should be intensified with higher-density housing units above the commercial use.


Hilltop Mall is currently a suburban auto-oriented shopping center with medium to small scaled franchise retailers and restaurant circumscribing an expansive surface parking lot. The General Plan suggests Hilltop Mall€™s redevelopment potential to become a neighborhood, where big-box retailers are reconfigured into a higher-density, mixed use environment that is more pedestrian-friendly and consolidates parking into structures.

In Phase 1, new development can occur in the existing parking lot of the plaza. Proposed uses include medium-density residential units over big-box retailers. In Phase 2, existing commercial uses may become obsolete and can be replaced with new mixed-use developments, with retail on the ground floor and residential units above.