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Oakland Kaiser Medical Center
Urban Planning / Design
From an urban design and site architecture view point, being context sensitive to the adjacent residential neighborhoods is one of the major issues for the Kaiser Medical Center. Phase 2 of the project consists of the main hospital building, the garage, and central utility plant. In addition to building a high-performance hospital, the ideal site plan would include an active street environment, buffers from utilities and loading, and a shared open space.

Grading studies were conducted to determine what first floor elevation would be most conducive to street activation along MacArthur Boulevard and the entrance. The analysis shows a first floor elevation that aligns with Piedmont Avenue on the east would be most successful in allowing entrances along Broadway and MacArthur, and mitigate slopes in the plaza and driveways.

Phase 3 of the Kaiser campus consists of administrative buildings and garage. As the final stage of the project, we re-examined the site's parameters set by the master plan and the City's zoning regulations, and the campus' overall design. A main goal in these studies was to derive an architectural approach that responds to site context as well as the architecture of Phase 1 and Phase 2 buildings.