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The Harbinger Co. Website
Web & Graphic Design / Email Marketing / Ecommerce
The website for The Harbinger Company was created to foster an online-precense and act as a storefront for the retailer. Each season, the website has been retrofited to keep the brand's image fresh and to introduce new products. As an all-American indepedent design workshop, a simple yet classic style was chosen to represent the company. The website is hosted on Big Cartel, utilizing its shopping cart feature. HTML, CSS, and Javascript were used in the process.

Additionally, elements of social networking is built into the site, with links to the retailer's facebook and twitter pages. Email newsletter campaigns were set up using MailChimp, so that customers can subscribe on the website and receive enticing emails, while allowing the store owner to track the campaign's statistics.

This project marked a new level of accomplishment for me as a designer and owner of The Harbinger Company. Not only have I solely created all products and marketing materials/photos, but I have also built a sophisticated website that draws in and track customers. This project speaks to my new-found self-sufficiency as a designer and the ability to work in multiple fields of design, business, and technology.