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Cal State Fullerton University Long Range Development Plan
Urban Planning / Design
One major element in the proposal for the Long Range Development Plan for California State University at Fullerton is to create a new commercial hub where the university meets the public realm. Through collaboration between the University, City, and private sector, this proposal suggests a new commercial node located at the campus edge to draw on the demand for restaurants, stores, educational facilities, and living accommodations desired by both University constituents, as well as city residents. The following images demonstrate what this hub can look like.

Current conditions of the campus-city interface show a lack of connection between the University on the right and the city on the left.

In Phase 1, the University's primary entrance will be reinforced with a re-design of the intersection, enhanced with safer pedestrian crossings, and a new plaza anchored with housing, retail, and services catering to both students and unaffiliated residents alike. Traffic along the campus is mitigated by reducing travel lanes and expanding landscaped medians to create a seam between the public and academic spaces, encourage bicycle use, and increase pedestrian safety.

Phase 2 encourages private development to occur immediately across from campus gates. Mixed-use development an plaza for gathering catering to both residents and university affiliates emphasize the public nature of the space.

In Phase 3, private development will gain substantial intensity and create a hub at campus edge. Uses may include housing and academic facilities over retail, cafes and restaurants, in the plaza, and other neighborhood amenities.

Finally in Stage 4, the city can explore the possibility of closing off the intersection to physically merge the campus with the new commercial hub. Traffic will be diverted to other streets, and pedestrians will be encouraged to take over the new open space.